Organizations are used to group packages. Each user can belong to an unlimited number of organizations. At the moment, each organization can have one owner. After logging in to your account, you can select your organization from the selection menu to the right side of the logo:

Choose organization

In order to make packages available in a given organization, an authorization token is needed. By default, the token is automatically generated during the organization setup.

You can view the token in the overview tab of the organization, and on the list of tokens:


You can generate any number of tokens for your organization in the Tokens tab, where you can also regenerate and delete them. This allows you to efficiently share your packets with the selected entity.


Members and permissions



  • manage packages
  • manage and configure organizations
  • manage and invite members
  • manage organization tokens



  • see packages
  • update and scan packages
  • manage organization tokens
  • see other members



Under organization Settings you can:

  • change the name
  • change the URL
  • toggle Anonymous access - this allows you to list and download all packages, without authorization token
  • delete the organization along with all packages - this process is irreversible, all organization data will be deleted