Packagist CDN/Proxy

The Repman Proxy can be used in two different ways: as a Composer plugin, or a composer.json file. Upon installation, the preferred mirror address to the Repman Proxy will be added for each package. Original addresses of repositories, distributions and sources will be kept.

Composer plugin

Installation is very simple:

composer global require repman-io/composer-plugin

The command will install the plugin globally. From now on, all dependencies will be downloaded from the Repman Proxy using a global high-speed CDN.

composer.json file

Another way is to use composer.json configuration file by adding these lines:

"repositories": [
{"type": "composer", "url": ""},
{"packagist": false}

After that, you will need to update your composer.lock file to allow Composer to download dependencies from the Repman Proxy.

composer update --lock